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Thank you for applying to become an Omodé Enrichment Partner. Our goal is to enrich the lives of children and families through playful and creative educational lessons on demand. YOU are a key part of that. We value your skills and experience and will use these next few moments to get to know a little more about you.

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What level of service are you able to provide on the Omodé platform? *

Omodé is passionate about families and educators and believe you should be compensated for your skills. With the Omodé platform you can make a minimum of $20/hr doing what you love. Let's find out a bit more about your experience & credentials.

Do you have any relevant certificates or degrees? If so list them here! *

How would you rate your level of experience working with children? *

What skills are you most excited to share with a child? ex. crafts, baking, language, bike riding etc.. *

What's your highest level of education? *

Please provide a copy of our driver's license, front and back. *

At Omodé we take the safety of our children very seriously. We ask all Enrichment Partners submit to a background check with our 3rd party vendor Victig.

Please proceed to your background screening.

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